Eurobox Cases


Zarges Aluminum Eurobox cases are a universal, stackable solution. The Eurobox is an ideal aluminum storage case that can also be used to transport sensitive items over and over again.

Eurobox aluminum storage cases feature impact-resistant plastic stacking corners, fully welded solid profile sections, lid with all around seal, corner beads for additional stability and heavy-duty sprung drop handles. This aluminum storage case is part of the Allcases Zarges aluminum case product line.

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Product Product Number Internal Dimension
Zarges 40709 Eurobox Case REZA40709 45.28"L x 29.53"W x 18.9"HVIEW
Zarges 40710 Eurobox Case REZA40710 45.28"L x 9.84"W x 8.66"HVIEW
Zarges 40704 Eurobox Case REZA40704 29.53"L x 13.78"W x 12.2"HVIEW
Zarges 40705 Eurobox Case REZA40705 29.53"L x 21.65"W x 14.96"HVIEW
Zarges 40706 Eurobox Case REZA40706 29.53"L x 21.65"W x 22.83"HVIEW
Zarges 40701 Eurobox Case REZA40701 21.65"L x 13.78"W x 8.66"HVIEW
Zarges 40702 Eurobox Case REZA40702 21.65"L x 13.78"W x 12.2"HVIEW
Zarges 40703 Eurobox Case REZA40703 21.65"L x 13.78"W x 14.96"HVIEW
Zarges 40700 Eurobox Case REZA40700 12.6"L x 8.7"W x 12.2"HVIEW